Payment methods

List of payment methods
Payment method Payout minimum1 Time to deliver Fee2
Internal1 External3 Internal External3
SEPA €100 NET-15 days Up to 1 business day €1 Depends on your bank
Wire €100 NET-15 days Up to 2 business days €1 Depends on your bank
Bitcoin €50 NET-15 days 10 minutes 1.00% None
Litecoin €50 NET-15 days 2.5 minutes 1.00% None
Monero €300 NET-15 days 2 minutes 1.00% None
Skrill €300 NET-15 days Instant €10 + 2.45% Up to 4%
PayPal €100 NET-15 days Instant €5 From 3% to 8%
Payoneer €100 NET-15 days Up to 1 business day €1 Depends on Payoneer terms

1 Payout minimum and internal time to deliver for each payment method for exclusive publishers is automatically decreased to half.
2 Other fee may be applied based on the chosen payout period, see each payout period "Fee".
3 External time to deliver and fee are set based on publicly available information about particular payment method. These information may be not actual and may be changed without our knowledge.