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You can earn up to €311 per lead. The commission for particular lead depends on the product, the landing, the campaign and the visitor itself.

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Say stop to currency conversion fees! You will be paid in your local currency, in almost every country in the world. Cryptocurrencies are supported too!

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You get access to our database of 23 products and 334 landing pages classified into 39 categories.

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With millions of worldwide visitors per day, our powerful AI platform optimized via machine learning displays the most profitable ads all the time.

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Any website gets traffic from non-developed countries and most of our competitors don’t track and pay for visitors from those countries. We are different because you will earn money for every visitor you get.

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We make the magic happen and we can trick all ads prevention tools/ ad-blockers. You could earn 20% more money with us because a significant part of your traffic won't be blocked anymore.


Real-life special events you can promote via highly targeted products and landings. Target new blockbuster movie, book, song or sport events like Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League or boxing matches.

S2S tracking

Analytics is mandatory and useful when you earn money! Using S2S tracking, it’s easier than ever because you get all the information about visitor who make the lead (e.g. country, language) together with your commission.

Referral system

Earn money with the referral system - promote FriendlyBunny to potential new publishers and we will reward you with 10% from their campaign commissions.

Other additional features of our platform include:

For more details, please read our FAQ page. There you’ll find details about supported categories/niches or verticals, or details about payments like frequency, methods of payment used and many more information about how we work.

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