Frequently Asked Questions

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We accept all types of websites, regardless of the traffic volume. However, there are some exceptions: like websites containing adult, guns or drugs related content. For more information check the agreement.

  • First, you need to become our publisher - sign up and confirm your email address.
  • After sign up you can immediately create your first campaign. You’ll be also automatically assigned to a manager.
  • Once campaign is created, you can start using it by copying the links/codes and placing them on your websites, blogs or projects.
  • You can fill in your business and payment information - it is necessary to receive the money.

If you have any question or encounter a problem during the setup process, then contact your manager or the support.

It is expected that you already have genuine traffic - your job is to promote online products and without traffic there is no leads, no money.

We use CPA (Cost Per Action) - CPL (Cost per lead) model where the advertiser pays for an explicit action. The action itself can vary from product to product and it can be: filling a form (sign up to a newsletter, providing a phone number), confirmation of phone number, sending a sms, signing up for free trial or ordering a product with debit or credit card.

Your reward is up to 40 EUR per lead or action.

There are no limits for making money with us! With our automatic campaign/niche/country/ad-block optimization system everybody can earn as much money as the want. We have publishers that earn for 5000 visits per day 500 EURO per day, but we also have publishers that earn for the same traffic 20 EURO per day. The exact number depends on lot of factors, for example the sources of the traffic, the quality of the traffic, the ad placement or the number of ads. For better results, follow the instructions in your dashboard area.

We have lot of categories of products available and still working on adding new. Right now you can promote products from these categories/niches/verticals: movie, book, music, files & software, sport - soccer, sport - american football, sport - tennis, sport - hockey, sport - box, sport - basketball, sport - volleyball, sport - cricket, sport - baseball, game, sport - F1, sport - rugby, sport - fights, MMA, sport - handball, sport - cycling, fitness, health products, sweepstakes, sport - golf, sport - motosport and sport - cars. In these categories, you can find a lot of products after you sign up.

We offer plenty of payment methods to choose from. You can receive money using SEPA, Wire, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Skrill, PayPal, Payoneer and WebMoney. Payments are created automatically based on your selected payment period.

For publishers who can not use any of mentioned payment methods, we can offer alternative payment methods like Western Union, Moneypolo, Moneygram or other cryptocurrencies. For more details contact your manager or the support.

List of payment methods
Payment method Payout minimum1 Time to deliver Fee2
Internal1 External3 Internal External3
SEPA 100 EUR NET-15 days Up to 1 business days 1 EUR Depends on your bank
Wire 100 EUR NET-15 days Up to 2 business days 1 EUR Depends on your bank
Bitcoin 50 EUR NET-15 days 10 minutes 1.00% None
Litecoin 50 EUR NET-15 days 2.5 minutes 1.00% None
Monero 300 EUR NET-15 days 2 minutes 1.00% None
Skrill 300 EUR NET-15 days Instant 10 EUR + 2.45% Up to 4%
PayPal 100 EUR NET-15 days Instant 5 EUR From 3% to 8%
Payoneer 100 EUR NET-15 days Up to 1 business days 1 EUR Depends on Payoneer terms
WebMoney 500 EUR NET-15 days Instant 10 EUR 1%

1 Payout minimum and internal time to deliver for each payment method for exclusive publishers is automatically decreased to half.
2 Other fee may be applied based on the chosen payout period, see each payout period "Fee".
3 External time to deliver and fee are set based on publicly available information about particular payment method. These information may be not actual and may be changed without our knowledge.

We have 3 periods of payment: monthly, biweekly and weekly. You can choose one from these periods and you can also schedule your payouts by increasing/decreasing your minimum payout or even disable payments. The most used payment period is monthly.

List of payout periods
Payout period Fee1, 2 Dates when payments are created3, 4
Monthly Free each month - 1st
Biweekly 0 EUR + 1% each month - 1st and 16th
Weekly 10 EUR + 2% each month - 1st, 8th, 15th and 22th

1 No fee is applied for each payout period for exclusive publishers.
2 Other fee may be applied based on the chosen payment method, see each payment method "Fee".
3 Commissions are counted up to last day prior to date when the payment is created.
4 The date when payment is created is different from the date when the payment is send/received - see each payment method "Time to deliver".

The minimum amount for regular publishers is 50 EUR, but it can vary depending on selected payment method. For exclusive publishers this amount is set to 25 EUR. You can also choose your own minimum, but it has to be higher than minimum declared for chosen payment method. The payment will be created automatically after you reach minimum amount declared for chosen payment method or your own minimum.

Yes, we can tell you how much it will probably cost you and you also can see this estimates in Payment methods table, section external fee. This information we have from the official websites, from our own experiences and publicly available information.

PayPal fees are exceptional high, we are sending you the money for Goods and services not as a gift. Standard fees are 1.9 - 3.4%, but you should know that sometimes is added Currency conversion fee 2.5% and Cross-border fee. It all depends on where you live and what is your default PayPal balance currency.

Skrill charges 1.45% (with maximum 20 EUR), but also as in PayPal sometimes is added currency conversion fee.

Bitcoin are very fast and cheap way for money transfers. It costs almost nothing to send you your commissions in Bitcoins (transaction fees are between 0-1 EUR). When your commissions grows it is really important whether someone charges you in percentages or you pay only fixed fee.

We are offering 10% from all campaign commission for 90 days since new publisher register. In your dashboard you can find your own unique codes and extended statistics - clicks, unique clicks, leads and commissions.

Yes, you can setup S2S tracking for every campaign. More information about how to do it, what parameters we accept and send, etc. you will find once you become a publisher.

Our links are fully compatible with other ad networks, but we recommend you to use just our system to maximize your income. We know how it sounds, but it is true. We also offer our new publishers to A/B testing our ads with their old ads provider.

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